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My Beat

Your music hub. This is where it all happens.

My Beat is where you’ll spend the bulk of your time in Music+. News, concerts, live music, automatically generated favorites, and a whole lot more… all geared specifically toward you and your particular taste in music.


Stay on top of all the happenings of your favorite artists.

The Attic

Rediscover your music library.

Sometimes it’s easy to to forget some of the music you used to listen to a lot in the past. The Attic makes it much easier to remember those old faves.


Never miss another show because you didn’t know that one of your favorite artists was in town. You can count on Music+ to let you know.

Today in Music History

Fun music factoids that happened on this day.


Check out what your favorite artists are posting on Twitter and Facebook.

Find out what music your friends are into. Make new friends with people who have taste in music that’s as awesome as yours is.

Live Music Archive

A very slick way to discover and listen to free live shows of your favorite artists.


Remember the days when you had to use a hand crank to start your car? It’s good that you don’t. Manually picking faves is about as dated as that is. Let Music+ do it for you.

New Adds

Keep track of all your newly added artists, albums, songs, and playlists.


Music+ keeps a history of what you’ve played so that you can go back in and easily find and replay those artists, albums, and songs that’ve become your earworms.


It’s like music television. Geared specifically to your musical taste.


Browse and play your music with a slick, intuitive, and beautiful user interface.

Artist Page
Album Page
My Shoppe

Imagine a record store geared specifically to your taste. This is it.

New Releases
My Artists
Music+ Radio

Listen nonstop to music that you love. Discover new loves.

Streaming Stations

Thousands of Internet radio streams are out there. Music+ finds the perfect ones for you.

Music+ works with

your entire ripped CD collection, and


Ready to play whatever you’re in the mood for.

DJ will shuffle your new songs… pick a random album for you… play a continuous stream of your favorite albums. Whatever you’re up for listening to, DJ’s there to serve it to you.

How it all works

Meet the bots!

Under the hood, Music+ is powered by a small gang of hardworking, clever bots that are there to give you the best music experience ever.


Reccs is the grand wizard who’s in charge of recommending all sorts of wonderful things to you. New music, concerts, music news, and a whole lot more… Reccs will take care of you.


Favey knows what you enjoy listening to and her job is gather up all of your favorite artists, albums, songs, etc so you don’t have to waste your time tapping a heart-shaped button ever again.


Want to just sit back and have someone spin some great tracks for you? That’s DJ’s job and this little bot does her best to make sure you’ve always got something great to listen to.


Clerk is your best friend when it comes to picking out music that you’ll love. He keeps track of all the newest releases for you, finds the perfect hidden gems, and turns you onto your next favorite artists.


Pick up from exactly where you left off when going from one device to another.

Apple TV

Enjoy Music+ on your TV. Because some things are just better on the big screen.


Experience all the amazingness that is Music+. In your car.

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Be one of the first to get informed about early beta access to Music+ and stay up to date on everything Music+.